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ASAWER Oil & Gas invites venders (Suppliers & Contractors) interested to register and get ASAWER registration code. Venders can request for a new registration or request for updating of existing registration details, electronically via the E-Registration System. Please use the link provided below to access the online system. The E-Registration process details and requirements are available on the respective application pages. As part of ASAWER strategy to progress with E-Procurement you are requested to submit your company details as per ASAWER’S E-Registration process. This requirement is for new suppliers and suppliers already registered with ASAWER. The details submitted via E-Registration System will be reviewed for compliance to ASAWER requirements. On completion of registration venders will be notified of their registration along with unique vender code. Notifications of registration dose not guarantee approval or prequalification status for any company or any specific type of commodity or scope of work. The award of any business by ASAWER will follow established procedures for Tendering, Bidding, Evaluation and award.


(1) Vender who are supplier of materials as well as contractors for services are required to complete the registration process separately.
(2) Any information submitted and found to be incorrect and not a true statement of your business, could lead to the removal of your company from ASAWER register Vender List (RVL).

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