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Asawer Ajman FZE - UAE

As one of the strategic procurement alliances to Asawer Oil & Gas Co. Ltd. Asawer Ajman - FZE is considered as a “One Stop Shop for Your Multiple Needs” in mechanical, electrical & instrumentation projects.

ASAWER Ajman-FZE is providing supply chain management (SCM) solutions to the Oil & Gas, Non Oil & Gas, Energy, Infrastructure and Power Sectors in Sudan, UAE, Middle East, and Africa Region, using state-of- art practices and by offering efficient and effective quality solutions, through a climate of competitiveness, environment-friendly, fairness, timely deliverables and constant improving and with renowned manufacturers from across GCC, USA, UK, Europe, China, India, and Turkey.

ASAWER Ajman FZE provide complete range of equipments, parts, accessories and materials for all segments of customers, especially oil and gas related projects, such as:-
. Casing, Tubing & Line Pipes.
• Valves, Fitting & Piping.
• Power Generation.
• Wellhead Equipments.
• Production Chemicals.
• Mechanical Items and Spare Parts.
• Electrical Items and Spare Parts.
• Drilling Fluid.
• Cementing Accessories.
• Tools and kits.
• PPE.
• Rotating Equipments (Pumps, Compressor and Related Spare Parts).
• Static Equipments and Vessels (Tanks, Separators, Heat exchangers).
• Chemical Injection Skids.
• Water Treatment System.
• Spare Parts and Consumables.
• Construction and Building Materials.
• Prefabricated Building.
• CCTV & PAGA System.
• Fire Fighting Equipment & Materials.
• Fencing Materials.
• Offices & Kitchen Equipments and Furniture.
• Gym and Recreation Equipments.
• All Size of Cables.
• Computers & Electronics.
• IT Equipment & Solutions.
• All Type of Vehicles (4x4 Pickup, 4x4 Station Wagon, Trucks, Fire Fighting Trucks &Trailers).