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African Drilling Fluids

Is a Joint Venture Company Established By ASAWER and its Partner PALEO CHEMICALS.
• Provide drilling fluids materials, equipments, and drilling services plus the drilling waste management services.

• Drilled 84 wells “All Types” with no major problem related to drilling fluids.
• Drilling fluids cost reduced in term of prices “Cost Per Barrel” and in term of operation “Cost Per Meter”.
• Research & Developments Centre is serving Sudan operation and the materials are optimized according to Sudan formations.
• Crossed the 1 year successfully in meeting clients’ operation requirements without any delay or reduction in performance.

• Weighing Agents.
• Fluid Loss Control.
• Lubricants & Spotting Fluids.
• Viscosities.
• Dispersants & Deflocculates.
• Detergents & Surfactants.
• Oil Mud Products.
• Commercial Chemicals.
• Shale Inhibitors & Stabilizers.
• Corrosion Control Additives & Scavengers.

• Barite Factories at Kodur, Andhra Pradesh, India.
• Pre-Gel Starch Factory at Chennai, India
• Pre-Gel Starch Factory at Nagari, Andhra Pradesh, India.
• PAC –LV & Regular Factory at Nagari, Andhra Pradesh, India.
• Pre Gel Starch Factory and PAC Blending Facility at Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
• Blending and Logistics Centre at Alexandria Free Zone, Egypt.
• Manufacturing Facility for Lignite and Asphalt Based Products at Saudi.
• Calcium/ Zinc/Ammonium /Sodium Bromide Factories at China.
• Calcium Chloride Powder /Flakes Factory at China.
• Pre-gel Starch Factory at Pondicherry, India.
• Resinated Lignite, Sulphonated Asphalt, Sulphonated Asphalt.
• Supreme Factory at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
• Sodium Silicate & Potassium Silicate Factory at Chennai, India.
• CMC – LV & HV at Nagari, Andhra Pradesh, India.
• Loss Circulation Material Factory at Nagari, Andhra Pradesh, India.
• Glycols & Liquid Products Manufacturing Facility at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.